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Drunken Education
Dramen's Dillerium
It has been three months and fifteen days since last this livejournal was updated.

Updates are as follows:
- Classes are fine. Had to do a collage for Art. Haven't got grade back, but I'm just glad it was over. It got in the way of me programming or doing fun things which are both things I find myself required to do from time to time.
- Have a summer job lined up at my mother's work (INA in Arkansas) doing some development on the Internet involving C#, ASP.NET and some other stuff (or something). At least I shouldn't be doing much website work like I was going last time (at least as obviously).
- I recently played through the second season of Sam & Max (produced by Telltale Games) and it was at least as good as the first season, which is to say pretty awesome. Some of the puzzles seem impossible to me without looking at the guide, but I just may not be good at any sort of detective work.
- Still go to Judo.
- Have classes lined up for next semester. Mostly math and some management courses. Data Mining, too.
- Still have "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables stuck in my head after watching the Youtube video of Susan Boyle singing it. Pretty good.
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It is now 2009. That is all.

Any further updates in this post will only be the product questions in the comments.

Because I'm lazy.

If anything be,
Then certainly something be,
Except a bee, see?
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It's fucking Halloween and I'm watching shows about horror movies and such on Bravo. I'm sure there are parties sometime tonight somewhere on campus but a) I don't feel like dressing up/down/left/right and b) I can see drunken idiots any time I want to. As for the scantily clad women that are likely to be about, they are just about as easy to see on this campus (though it is depressing that it isn't far more common).

Anyway, updates of my life are as follows:
1) I'm pretty sure that my journal loses its feel as a journal by my listing of things that have happened rather than having them presented in over-emotional paragraph form.
2) A week ago I bought Dead Space and have been playing it rather consistently. I like it and the atmosphere it generates, but am annoyed by the asteroid thing in Chapter 4. That and a couple of the 'beat the game' trophies are the only things I have yet to get. I've already beaten the game twice. Mmm... Force Gun.
3) As far as I know I have good grades in all of my classes and have very few major assignments left to do.
4) I need to play more Disgaea 3 and actually beat 1 and 2. Sadly, that means a couple good hours of leveling to get my guys ready to beat Tyrant Overlord Baal (who is about lvl 4000 even on the lowest difficulty).
5) I need more money. While I have enough to eat, I have nowhere near enough to get the games I want: Fallout 3, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, LittleBigPlanet, and some other things I've probably forgotten.
6) I. Need. To. Write. More. ...this doesn't count.
7) Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is pretty snazzy. When I installed it I found out I only had like a quarter of a gig on there, which was easily removed for later.
8) Odd food combinations: crunchy peanut butter and cheese dip tacos.

Also, October is the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack month. Only damned thing I listen to.
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As of last night I have my second belt in Judo (Green). I have taken to doing more Aikido-ish rolls in that I don't stop and hit the ground, I just keep going to stand back up. It's fun, but the momentum kind of freaks you out for a bit.

Also, I have been playing a shitload of PS3 (mainly Disgaea 3). Spore has been good, but I'm not that interested in it in comparison now that I'm at the Space level. The ones before it were rather fun, but the last one seems a bit tedious.
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Hah. I love Friendly Hostility. "Little Sister."

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Alright, it's now about time for an update on my life. Before I get started however I should note that this injection of information about my current state into the Interweb is only prompted by the fact that I had a wonderful dream last night.

The dream itself was very long and I can't remember much of it but the parts that I do remember split it into an early and short portion wherein I had no control and a later, longer portion wherein I was at the peak of lucidity. During the latter part I wandered and went, warping dreamstuff like it was molding clay (though there was disturbingly enough a couple second delay when I assume one part of my brain was forced to talk to another to get things to appear). It was during this time that I did the following: ran past a building of some six stories (seemingly) that was luminescent and magnificent (in equal parts reminiscent of some high-graphic current generation games) and was arrayed with an odd and intriguing variety of windows, encountered an Alice in Wonderland-esque door of some few inches which I enlarged through willpower alone (and proceeded to step through), and came upon a room that mirrored my dorm room but for the fact that its materials were of such an unearthly (and colorful) quality that I doubt I should ever come upon them or consciously use them. All in all, it was rather nice.

EDIT: I seemed to have recalled a bit about my whole family being at a table and topic of religion coming up. I assume that those atheistic portions of the family (the majority) either don't care or antagonistic. My mother's mother seems a little miffed and is saying that God finds a good place in life (or something like that). Someone mentions her attending a church on Chenal. Sounds implausible at least in regards to the location of the church (for she lives in Benton), but it is a dream. Anyway the scene was one I was not in control of. It quickly moved on.

Otherwise, things are as follows:

Of Work
From the dates 7/28/08 to 8/8/08, I worked at INA doing website change requests. Worked about 83.5 hours in total because my ride (whom I refuse to name for various reasons) was freaking insane and woke up before 7 o'clock. I should consequently be paid a good amount considering my fee was $10 an hour. You can do the math yourself, but I know I'm getting a PS3 (Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle). Regardless of what people say about the game station, I prefer it to the XBox360; it's shinier.

Of Play
Throughout the course of the summer (but for a couple weeks near the beginning) I have continued to go to Judo. I need to join the society so I can do the belt test and get beyond a white belt. Even for only having done this a little more than a semester I'm already tired of the damned thing (the belt, not the sport); it's frayed and oddly coloured and I dislike it.

Of Life
On the date of 8/15/08, I plan on moving back into the dorms. Thankfuck (one word, like "hallelujah"). I'm tired of not having fast, uncapped internet and being away from Sam's and people with copies of Rockband (which I won't be buying). I want a more regimented day as it improves my creativity and gives me things to deviate from. It also gives me the opportunity to watch the videos of Judo at the Olympics which I'm largely unable to do otherwise. The only portion I've been able to watch thus far involved two women having their heads smashed together and being forced to be bandaged during the match. There was also a coach that was fatter than Al Demers. That was freaking weird, though entertaining.

Of Study
This Fall I will be taking 18 hours. This increase in hours is to let me take 15 during the Spring Semester (so I can take Calc II and not have to worry about much else). On Mondays and Wednesdays (Wed-Nes-Days is seriously how I remember to spell this damned thing) my classes are light (two, far apart). On Tuesdays and Thursdays they run from 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock with no o'clock in between to get anything to eat. This is why we have Sam's and some portable foodstuff. Anyway, the classes I will be taking are as follows:

Speech Communications
Psych and the Human Experience
Discrete Mathematics
Database Concepts
Computer Systems
Internet Technologies
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For those who care I've passed Calculus I with a B. My GPA has consequently dropped to a 3.72.
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Copy and Paste from the record of the dream I had last night:

-- Start --


Gymnasium with a number of other people. On the right is a machine that seems a battering ram suspended on a large array that one is supposed to shove forward to break something. Many people took test shots towards us while we sat away from them on the opposite wall. Of the shots the majority weren't straight and one went whizzing over my head. Someone asked if anyone had not tried both of them and someone volunteered me. I said I had a giant curve to the left but I don't recall actually pushing the thing. Next I moved over to the right and tried to use the other "sniper" machine. It had one machine in the back in front of which was suspended a large gun. Next to the gun, on the right when facing, was another seat for a person who called coordinates and helped aim the gun. One moment a black woman (who was the usual operator of the coordinator finder) was using it with a girl, but the woman moved away and suddenly there was a boy there who was directing the gun somewhere else.


Suddenly I think I've been thrown out of Uni or at least its dorms. I camp out on what seems to be the top of a building though it seems to connect quite easily to a rise in the road on one side. On top of what seems to be an air conditioning thing I rest a number of blocks but find it too small to sleep on. I move them down to the ceiling, but the material there is too scratchy to sleep on. I move them back up and discover a number of worn, weathered journals (composition notebooks) inside the units. I don't read them. Instead a black boy comes near and tells me that he and his friends (whom I have seen before and found intimidating) want to see me. I say no many times thinking that they would hurt the now homeless. I consider that I could have simply shacked up with my grandmother up the road. The small gang then runs after me and I am chased away.


I find myself in a shower in what I assume is my dorm room (it feels right). I see that suddenly a bit of the shower screen is pulled away by a hand. I lean over slightly, hiding the majority of my body and find a beautiful girl (blonde I think, cute, casually clothed or toweled (I can't recall)). She's noticeably surprised and goes on to say that she looked in my room (peeked under the covers in fact) but found nobody. She had been wondering where I was. She even went to far as to ask the disturbingly straight forward question of "Have you been sleeping outside or something?" She then says something about not feeling so sorry for yourself and saying that if I wanted to give it up there were other, more helpless people who could use it. We move to what seems to another's point of view (I think camera at the time).

The video changes between scenes of a person that reminds me of Jesse Eslick meeting up with what I think at the time are the dregs of society and scenes of me running away from the gang I mentioned earlier. I wonder what has happened to Jesse. I wonder how much the girl had seen and (I think) I wanted to tell her.

-- The End --
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I'm apparently however old I was last year plus one.

Other updates may follow.
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Notice that I am back in my dorm room. Now then, this covers my first full day back.
Notes on my day:

It all began around 9am when I got out of bed, took a shower, and then put clothes on. I had a bowl of cereal and then went to the lab where I spent from 10am to 1pm doing lab hours (while simultaneously doing nothing at all). I then had some lunch. I didn't feel like going back to my dorm so I just had a burger combo at the local cafe on campus. I then went to my first class of the day, Human Computer Interface. I had some european guy who handed out syllabuses and then told us that all we would really be doing is making GUI interfaces with Java (which I can already sort of do). I then did some time in the lab (class was short) and went to Information Systems Software, which is going to be an OS-heavy class. We'll cover what makes them up and look at a couple, including Unix (which will take the last four weeks of class). The teacher there was Xiaosui Xu (or something like that). He seemed alright, though possibly not confident in his english. The third class of the day (which was preempted  by more lab time) was ASP.NET, which we pretty much just learned how to connect to the live server in. That one will probably be more difficult than the other two. Anyway, now for the interesting stuff:

- I went back to the dorm and relaxed for a bit. Had dinner (1 chicken patty and some cereal).
- Messed around on AL (which was fun) and was generally relaxed. Played a little Magic (which seems to be what I often do lately).
- Hours passed.
- Eventually my roommates started on the drugs (which isn't all that surprising):

== They combined DMX (or whatever is similiarly named) with Pot and Alcohol. This was alright for a good hour or two, but once it kicked in, it really kicked in. Apparently Zeke thought it reminded him of Acid, which isn't all that surprising considered his considerable knowledge on the topic. Anyway he was tweaking with wide eyes and an even odder demeanor than normal. He often found himself repeating the same words over and over again or not recalling what  just happened (which is what I thoroughly expected). After a bit there was some general calming of down (by others, not me) and he was generally alright. All he did was drink his Ambrosia (Diamond [something] Tea).
== Anyway, I went and got out my flashlight (thanks nanny) and flashed it in his eyes. While many would not consider this a good idea, I found it hilarious. He wigged out, asked for it again, and then went into our other roommate's room (who was gone) and went digging for a floodlight (because I wasn't giving him anymore). I went back to my room and emerged some time later. He was plopped down in front of a video (which was trippy and awesome) and was generally content.
== I believe that by now someone has taken him somewhere else.

- Also, I have no idea why people are so horrified by the things that druggies do. If they end up killing themselves or going to jail, it's thoroughly their fault and I'll have no remorse (not in my apartment!).
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